College Study Skills

August 2018 Sessions (12th Grade and College Students Only)

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Your college experience is only as good as your preparation. Be the student who knows what’s up! Show up confident and know you’re ready to succeed at the highest level.

In two evenings, three hours each, College Study Skills teaches you the crucial college study skills you need to get high grades fast so that you can have a great social life, make some money, and live your dreams when you graduate.

Course topics:

  • Time Management – Schedule efficiently and cure procrastination.
  • Note-Taking – Write down only the right info to save time on studying and papers.
  • Reading – Read even the toughest material without spacing out, and remember it.
  • Studying Effectively – Be half a step ahead in your classes so you can take a road trip if one comes up.
  • Multiple Choice vs. Essay vs. Math/Science Exam – Know what’s on the test before it’s announced.
  • Writing Papers – Learn to love huge assignments; anybody who doesn’t is doing it wrong.
  • Making the Most of Summer Orientation – Figure it out faster and beat everyone to the best stuff.

Taught by Paul Rivas of Smith Rivas Academic Coaching and Counseling.


Thank you for teaching Emilie such important skills in a fun, engaging way. I know that, all year long, she has been implementing the study skills you taught her last summer. I just wanted to reaffirm how much she got out of those sessions with you.
– Maria Mahoney, parent of a successful college freshman

Paul Rivas had a great way of connecting with my daughter and really individualizing study skills and time management tips for her.
– Jane Carey, parent of a rising college freshman


paul_rivas_profile_pic-2x6of1ux63pdu7gxo4j7cw Smith Rivas Director Paul Rivas attended the University of California, Santa Barbara, where he triple majored in Math, Sociology, and Spanish, studied abroad, and worked 20-50 hours per week at an awesome job. Making the most of his college experience made it possible for him to be a radio host, English teacher, Math teacher, Spanish translator, writer, and stand-up comedian, travel to 40 countries, and start his own business.