How to Succeed in High School: 9th & 10th

For 9th and 10th Grade Students

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I am very happy to be back in Virginia this year, once again teaching “How to Succeed in High School” to students who intend to ace school! Join us for 6 weekend classes for two hours each. The class format includes time for both instruction and individualized problem-solving. Limit of twelve students per class.

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The main task for early high school students is to identify where they want to direct their efforts, and to find opportunities to start honing specialized abilities. In this class we start by learning about and monitoring our organizational skills. Later in the class we design our individualized high school plans, learn about extracurricular opportunities by meeting extraordinarily accomplished high school seniors,  and plan for leadership in school and community service.

In this class, I explain how high school success is a like a three-legged chair, with three essential supports:

  1. Academics
  2. Character
  3. Skill Development (through both academic and extra-curricular activities)

Students work to define personal and extra-curricular strengths and making realistic plans with tangible steps to reach our goals. Start high school knowing how to build your unique academic and extracurricular skills that will help you get into a quality college.


I participated in the “Mentoring Your Teenager” seminar last summer. You are very knowledgeable and experienced. You know how to help parents to see what their kid’s passion is. You also help parents like to me to see the big picture of my kids’ next phase. This helped me to put all “the puzzles” together. I’m still benefiting from your seminar, thank you!
– Jennifer Fan