Spring Break Virtual Workshop – Researching Colleges and Careers

Want to learn what your dream college is REALLY like? What kind of job might you get after college? Spend an enjoyable five afternoons researching colleges and careers. We will teach you how to find out about different colleges, and how to make smart choices in choosing a school that fits you.

College and Career Research Workshop

  • Dates and Times: (Registration for this workshop is now closed for 2020 — offered again in 2021!)
  • Location: On line via Zoom
  • Price per student: $525

In this “virtual” workshop, high school students learn how to explore colleges and college majors. Each day at 1pm, students start out as a group in a virtual session led by Dr. Levonian covering some aspect of colleges or careers. Students then separate to do internet research on their own or in small “virtual” groups. Toward the end of each afternoon, around 4pm, the students come back together on line to hear each other present the results of their research and wrap up the day. Students finish the week with a list of colleges they might be interested in attending.

We cover a wide range of things that really matter, including:

  • What questions should you be asking about any college? How should you compare them?
  • What kinds of school are out there, and what would best suit you? Big? Small? Brilliant? Fun? Military? Career-oriented?
  • What are classes like, and how are they different at different universities?
  • What should you look for in a major?
  • Daily life at college: who do you live with, what do you eat, how do you get around?
  • The social side: where are the clubs, the sports, the friends, the fun?
  • How do you connect your classes to internships and summer jobs?
  • After college: a career? Professional school (e.g. law, medicine, business)? How does that happen?

This workshop is led by Dr. Nancy Levonian.