Spring Break Workshop – Researching Colleges and Careers

Want to learn what your college dream is REALLY like? What kind of job might you get after college? Spend an enjoyable five afternoons researching colleges and careers. We will teach you to make smart choices in choosing a school that fits you.

College and Career Research Workshop

  • Dates and Times: April 6-10, 2020 (12:30pm-4pm)
  • Location: Annandale, Virginia
  • Price: For all five days per student is $795.

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The objective of this workshop is for high school students to start exploring colleges and college majors. Students learn by listening to short lectures, doing internet research, and making presentations to each other on the results of their research.  Students end the workshop with a list of colleges to which they could potentially apply.

We cover:

  • Life at college. Who do you live with, what do you eat, how do you get around?
  • What kind of school do you want? Big? Small? Brilliant? Fun? Military? Career-oriented?
  • What college is like academically?
  • What is in a major?
  • Social life at college. Where are the clubs, the friends, the fun?
  • Connecting classes to jobs and internships.
  • After college: a career? professional school? How does that happen?

Taught by Dr. Nancy Levonian.