Writing for Success in High School

A 7-Week Online Course for Middle School Students

The best way to improve your writing is to practice by writing fun things and getting personalized feedback from a motivating teacher. This special course for middle-school students helps you learn to write well for different purposes, setting you up for success in high school!

The class meets online via Zoom weekly on Monday evenings from 6:00-6:50pm. First class meeting Monday November 8 and last class meeting Monday December 20, 2021.

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Course Structure

This course includes 7 online meetings of the class as a group, with personalized written feedback from the instructors for each student each week. At the final class meeting, students present a portfolio of writing, with parents invited! We cover:

1 Writing to Persuade Learn how to create thesis statements that your English teacher will love to read
2 Writing for School Learn how to organize, plan, and write big research papers efficiently
3 Writing for Clarity Learn how to craft convincing messages by experimenting with different word limits
4 Writing to Make Friends Learn how to find mentors by expressing your appreciation and gratitude
5 Writing to Help People Learn how to support your school and community by makihng your writing fun
6 Writing Recommendations Learn how to help your teachers write you great letters of recomendation
7 Portfolio Presentations Present your best work to your parents and your peers

Course Information

Price: $949 for 7 online class meetings with personalized written feedback each week

Nancy Levonian
Course Director Dr. Nancy Levonian has helped hundreds of students gain admission to Ivy League and other top universities.


Paul Rivas
Course Instructor Paul Rivas is the author of This Book Will Not Be on the Test and creator of the online course Better Grades in Less Time.


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This course is offered jointly by Lives Under Construction and Smith-Rivas