Individual Consulting

Private Educational Consulting

College planning can start as early as eighth grade. Planning reduces stress and allows for smooth progress toward your goals. Together, we problem-solve, get creative, map out an educational strategy, and get you on the road to living out your dreams as soon as possible by:

  • Finding creative ways to use your strengths and interests to expand opportunities;
  • Mapping out a plan of learning that combines school courses with non-traditional sources for learning;
  • Finding and successfully applying for internships;
  • Helping you develop your unique voice and perspective to make you stand out;
  • Helping you not only get into college, but also get out faster by clarifying your educational goals. I will help you focus your message to colleges so the admissions committee clearly understands your strengths through your fresh, original, and personal essays.

Are you interested in working on your private, individual educational plan? Click here to fill out my new students interest form, and I will be in touch!

Individual College Application Coaching

After writing the main part of their college applications at the Crafting Your College Application summer camp, students applying to elite universities often find private counseling to be the most efficient way to write the many required supplemental essays.

Some students, even after the Crafting Your College Education Camp, would like more individual help on specific applications and supplements for their college applications. I offer three sessions, an Early Admissions session to prepare before October 15th, a mid-fall session for those applying to end-of-November deadlines, and a Regular Decision session that ends before winter vacation. I don’t work during the holidays, and I want to make sure the students I work with don’t have to, either. In each of these 4-week sessions we will take your rough drafts and polish and customize your message to each college. We will have weekly 1-hr individual counseling sessions along with feedback and editing via email during the week on your writing. Expect to work hard during this time on your essays — we are aiming for beautiful and interesting applications!

Please note: I generally do not accept new students for individual counseling the fall of senior year if they have not previously attended my summer camp.

Special Situations

Schools try hard to satisfy their students’ educational needs. However, schools have many students and, by necessity, cannot offer a tailored education. Private educational counseling is useful anytime you feel the educational garment chafing. Many students I work with are driven learners who find themselves outgrowing the classes and clubs offered at their schools, sometimes as early as elementary school. I can help you map out a plan to enhance your personal education while contributing positively to your school community.

There are numerous other special situations, from high school and college course selection, help with study skills (which can always be improved!), scholarship applications, graduate school planning, to finding mentorships and more. Please click here to contact me if you are wondering how I can be of assistance in your special situation.

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Comments From Students

Applying to a PhD program is a daunting task, especially since so little information on acceptance criteria is provided to the applicants. You have such a great knowledge of what universities are looking for, how to present yourself, and how to convince the top schools that you’re the best candidate. I wrote a few drafts of a personal statement before you started helping me and when I compared them to the final copy the difference was obvious. Not only did you help me with my writing style, but you knew how to maximize all of my strengths and how to present my weaknesses in a positive way. I had so many questions for you not only about my personal statement, but about grad school in general and you were always very receptive and insightful, thank you!
Greg Maier