Fall College Applications Advising

Fall Packages

Some students, even after “Crafting Your College Application” summer camp, seek additional individual help on specific applications and supplements for their college applications. Fall counseling for seniors is available only for students who attended “Crafting Your College Application” during the summer, and is structured into three distinct sessions:

  • Session 1 is intended for students aiming for Early Action and Early Decision. I meet with each student individually once each week for five weeks, the same day and time each week. Students can work on as many as 4 applications.
  • Session 2 runs for three weeks, and is aimed at November 30 application deadlines (University of California, University of Washington, University of Texas, and certain other state schools, as well as the special scholarship deadline at the University of Southern California). Students work on only a single application.
  • Session 3 has the same 5-week structure as Session 1, but is targeted toward regular decision applications. Students can work on as many as 5 applications.

Session Begins Focus Cost Registration
1 Week of Sept 14, for 5 weeks Early Action and Early Decision $1695
Registration for Session 1 is Closed
2 Week of Nov 2, for 3 weeks November 30 Application Deadlines $1295
Register for Session 2
3 Week of Nov 23, for 5 weeks Regular Decision $1895
Register for Session 3

Weekly hour-long individual counseling sessions are supplemented by feedback and editing via email during the week between meetings. Expect to work hard during this time on your essays — we are aiming for beautiful and interesting applications!

All meetings will be online virtual meetings via Zoom until further notice. Parents are always welcome to attend these meetings or ask questions.

Please note: I do not accept students for individual counseling the fall of senior year unless they have previously attended my summer camp. The fall program is for students who have successfully completed “Crafting Your College Application.”